A reserve of Len de l'El and Sauvignon. Straw coloured with glittering tints. The smell is fresh and floral, with citrus and white-flesh fruit aromas.

Its great vividness results from carbonic gas generating during fermentation.

This is an excellent aperitif wine which and a perfect match with light summer dishes.



Blanc Mauzac

White wine made of pure grape variety Mauzac.

Glittering with green hues. It smells fine and floral, with green apple and pear aromas. Good holding in mouth.

It is bestly served with fish and seafood.


Rare wine made of pure Mauzac grapes.

Vinified in oak barrels. Beautiful Golden colour. This is an excellent and powerful white wine.

We recommend it to fish and all kinds of seafood, but also chicken-curry and all types of dishes based to cheese like Raclette and Fondue savoyarde.

There are only a few bottles left.


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