AOC Rouge

A reserve of Braucol, Duras and Shiraz.

Ruby-coloured with purple hues. Its flavour is characterized by red fruit such as blackcurrant, blackberry and some spicy tints. It's got a pleasant texture, and it's long on the palate. I

It goes perfectly with meats and cheese.



AOC Rouge Braucol

Our very first red made of the local grape variety called Braucol.

Its red-cherry colour is intense and purple-tinted. Its smell is quie concentrated, while its flavour is spicy, peppery, and fruity. It has a lot of roundness and fatness, expecially thanks to the faded tannins.

You will like it best if served with meats such as lamb, beef, and all kinds of game.


Our very-top-of-the-range red is a reserve of Braucol and Duras which have matured in new wook barrels for ten months.

Its beautiful ruby-red colour is intense and has gamet hues. It is a rich and fleshy type of wine with round tannins. The final touch in mouth is characterized by spicy flavours.

This is the ideas wine for special meals or banquets, and served with red meals, gabe, but also with cheese.

Our premium red wine, a blend of Braucol and Duras. Aged in new oak barrels. To keep it even better we decided to fill it in a magnum-bottle (which means 1,5 liters). Good balance of fruity and spicy aromes, soft tanins.

Award: bronze medal at Macon.

To be enjoyed it with a superbe meal in your family, or with good friends. Or to be offered as a gift.

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